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Philippa Moore has been boring the world with her various witty remarks since she started publishing her thoughts online in 2005. Since then she's won a blogging award, worked at Cosmopolitan, had her work featured in publications all over the world and her first book was published in 2016. What's that you say - who cares, I'd rather look at cat videos than find out what Philippa Moore is up to? Be my guest! 
Otherwise, thank you for visiting and I'd love to hear from you.

  • Charming, honest and wise - Philippa's writing is always enjoyable and inspiring. In a world of false prophets, The Latte Years is an authentic little gem.
    — Nigel Marsh, author of Fat, Forty and Fired
  • Beautifully written, inspiring, witty and thoughtful, and never afraid to document the lows as well as the highs, Phil is an inspiration and she tells it like it is.
    — Cosmopolitan UK
  • Brave, wise, beautifully written.
    — Stella Newman, author of Pear Shaped
  • I read this book in a night and a day, not wanting to put it down...her story is not really so much about health, fitness and body issues, but about a journey every single one of us will understand - the journey to being the very best version of ourselves.
    — Danielle Wood, award-winning author of The Alphabet of Light and Dark
  • A page turner!
    — Shape Magazine, Australia
  • I found myself really touched by the honesty of this well-written and uplifting book.
    — Vanora Bennett, author of Portrait of an Unknown Woman and Midnight in St Petersburg
  • Full of courage, grit and optimism.
    — Valerie Lester, author of Phiz: The Man Who Drew Dickens and Fasten Your Seatbelts!
  • The Latte Years is a phenomenal journey. I nodded my head about a thousand times!
    — Rae Earl, author of My Mad Fat Diary
  • For anyone who's ever had a wake-up call, or needs one.
    — Ivy Alvarez, author of Mortal and Disturbance

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